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Phone spy telephone recording software
  1. What way do you take to ship the adapter to customers?
    We usually ship our products via FedEx or HongKong EMS.

  2. How long will I receive the adapter after my payment?
    We ship the software package(adapter included) in about 24 hours after we received your payment and your address information,TNT express usually takes 3-5 bussiness days,HongKong EMS usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

  3. Are there CD and manual available?
    Yes.we ship the whole software package when we ship the adapter.there are Adapter,CD,Manual,Telephone cable and Audio cable in the software package.
    But,if you only purchase the software without adapters,shipment is not needed,you just need to download the software from our website.

  4. Is the adapter included in the price?
    No.we sale the adapter independently.

  5. How to buy and register?
    We have Paypal account receiving your online payment.first,you will need to select the products you want to buy,and then you can click on the "Buy now" button to pay by Palpal.
    When you're doing the payment within Paypal,please leave your address and telephone number(important when shipping).
    We usually send you an email within 12 hours telling you the serial number(s) for software registration.

  6. What is the register sequence?
    Phone spy needs a registration code to register.
    There're 2 ways for a customer to get his registration code:
    1) By email or telephone,this is called "offline mode"--customers give us the machine code,we give customers registration code.
    2) By serial number,this is called "online mode".
    It needs different registration codes in different computers.but for some reasons,a customer maybe want to migrate Phone spy software to a 2nd or 3rd computer,we give each customer 3 chances free for new registration codes.
    Note: The computer must be connected to internet to use the serial number for online registration.

  7. I get the message "Catastrophic Failure",why?
    This only occurs in old version of Phone spy,please upgrade.
    New version(9.5 professional and enterprise) URL:[Download]

  8. I am unable to "HIDE" the program,why?
    The "Hide" function is only unavailable under unregistered mode.

  9. Does Phone spy support cordless telephone?
    Yes.we connect the telephone line to the computer,not the telephone set.all telephone sets(include cordless phone) connected in this line will be recorded automatically.

  10. I have no adapter,can I use a MODEM instead?
    No.Phone spy records using sound cards.there needs an adapter connecting each telephone line to the sound card.

  11. Can I record 4 lines simultaneously in one computer?
    Yes.sound cards are stereo,there're left and right channel in a sound card to which we can connect two adapters using a Y-style audio cable.if you need to install 4 adapters,you need another sound card to be added to the computer to connect the other two adapters.

  12. Is it possible to install 6 Sound Cards on a computer?
    The PCI standard supports more than one same PCI devices in a's easy to install 2 or 3 sound cards in a computer,but,if you really want to install 6 sound cards,there needs skill.we have customers have 6 sound cards installed indeed.

  13. What is Synchro Monitor?
    You can monitor every talking line by pressing the pre-defined Hot-key,you will hear the conversation in your PC's spearker while the both sides talking.this function is different from 'playback'.

  14. What's Caller detail,How does it work?
    1) Phone spy can search a pre-defined database for the detail of the caller when there's an incomming call,you'll know who is it before you pick up the telephone.
    2) This just like an address-list,phone spy can pop-up a dialog box showing the caller number,caller name,company the caller from,address and other infomation in the database.
    3) We don't have such database,we only open and search the database using windows ODBC.for example,if there's a CRM software available in your machine,phone spy can display the information in the database of the CRM software.this CRM software is called a 3rd party system.
    4) Phone spy can access the 3rd party database after doing some simple settings.

  15. Does Phone spy work in our country?
    Yes.the recording and other functions of Phone spy work well in all countries.the Caller ID detection for FSK format(the most common format in the world) works well in most countries(USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong,etc.).if you find our software can not detect the FSK Caller ID format in your place,please contact us,it should be OK after doing a simple upgrade of the software by our team.

  16. Does Phone spy support digital phone?
    Phone spy is not only a telephone recording software but also a general purpose voice recording one which can record all kind of voices.
    The adapter we supply is only compatible with analog signal. to record a digital phone,you will need to connect the adapter to the handset of your digital phone,this should be a little more complex.
    If you use phone spy with a digital phone,the Caller ID detection will not work,because there's no Caller ID signal in the handset at all.

  17. Does Phone spy support PBX(Private Branch telephone eXchange)?
    if you're using an analog PBX,you can connect the adapters to the outside lines or the extend lines of the PBX for recording.
    If you're using a digital PBX, the adapter we supplied can only be connected to the outside lines of the PBX.if you want to record the digital phones connected to the extend lines, you will need to connect the adapter to the handset of your digital phone,this should be a little more complex.
    If you use phone spy with a digital phone,the Caller ID detection will not work,because there's no Caller ID signal in the handset at all.

  18. Recording does not work,why?
    Please check in sequence:
    1) Adapter connection:
    You can connect the adapter in the "MIC" or the "Line in" jack of the sound card,the "Line in" jack is recommended.
    Please visit the adapter page for detail.
    2) Please select "Line in" in the "Recording channel" of Phone spy if you connected the adapter in the "Line in" jack.
    If you're not sure,please try from "MIC" to "Line in" in the "recording channel" of Phone spy.
    3) Please pick up the phone,you should see voice wave in Phone spy's wave area,if the wave does not appear,please re-check from 1).
    4) If you see voice wave,but recording still does not work,please check if the software is in unregistered mode and the trial is expired.
    5) If it's all right above,please check the existence of the path the recording should be saved,it's in Phone spy's menu "Settings-System settings-Recording devices-A recording device-path".

  19. Is Phone spy compatible with Windows 7? How to set under Windows 7?
    Phone spy works in Windows 7.but the audio system in Windows 7 is very different from what in Windows XP.
    Windows XP considered "sound card" as device and "Microphone(Line-in,etc.)" as "recording channel". but Windows 7 considered "Microphone(and line-in,etc.)" directly as "device".
    So,you'll not need to change "recording channel" in Phone spy under Windows 7,what you need is just selecting the correct "device" which the adapter is connected.
    Im most cases,you will also need to select the recording device in windows control panel.please open windows control panel,and then open sound management,and select "Microphone(Line-in)" as the default recording device if the adapter is connected to "Microphone(Line-in)".
    After registered,you will need to set the "working mode" of all "device" to "not register",and then set the "working mode" of "Microphone(Line-in)" to "1 line mode" if the adapter is connected to "Microphone(Line-in)".

  20. What is AGC(Auto Gain Control),how does it work?
    1) Background:the remote side of the two talking sides usually has low volume in almost all recordings,the source signal in the telephone line has this problem.
    2) The AGC function adjusts the recording volume continuously and automatically to lessen the difference between the two sides.
    3) The AGC relies on the maximum recording volume of the sound card,it would be no effect if the maximum recording volume of the sound card is very low.

  21. What is the difference between the 3 editions of Phone spy?
    There are 3 editions of phone spy telephone recording software:Simple edition,Professional edition and Enterprise edition.see below:
    features Simple edition Professional editionEnterprise edition
    Sound cards(lines) supported:1(2 lines) 16 sound cards(32 lines)
    Incoming and outgoing calls auto recording: YesYes
    Software hiding mode:NoYes
    Recording log(searching enabled):NoYes
    Caller number:NoYes
    Dialing number(DTMF keys):NoYes
    Audio compression:NoYes
    Auto gain control(AGC):NoYes
    Remote access on recordings: NoYes
    Synchro monitor:NoNoYes
    Caller detail(interface for 3rd party database):NoNoYes
    Price for each line(US$) 9.95 39.95 89.95

GOODTEL H8/H4/V16 multi-channel USB recording box
  1. Models of GOODTEL.
    GOODTEL has three models:
    • H8 - 8 channel full function model.
    • H4 - 4 channel full function model.
    • V16- 16 channel voice activate model.
  2. Can you make GOODTEL an OEM version for me?
    Yes.the software of GOODTEL is OEM free - this means that you can modify the user interface of the software youselves.
  3. Does it need a license key to register?
    No,registration is not needed.
  4. Does GOODTEL have a 32 channel model?
    No,but the software of GOODTEL supports seamless will see 32 channels in the software if you connect four H8 or two V16 boxes to a computer.
  5. Must I have a sound card to use GOODTEL?
    No,GOODTEL does't use sound card.
  6. Does GOODTEL support volt-activate recording mode?
    GOODTEL H8 and H4 support volt-activate,voice-activate,DTMF key-activate and manual recording modes. but V16 doesn't support volt-activate recording mode.

GOODTEL P1/T1 telephone system
  1. What's the difference between P1 and T1 model?
    GOODTEL P1 is a USB telephone recording box. beside this,a telephone circuit is integrated in T1,you can use T1 as a computer dialing system or a message center.
  2. Must I have a sound card to use GOODTEL P1 or T1?
    No,a sound card hardware is already integrated in the product.

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