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Phone spy
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telephone recording software
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Phone spy telephone recording software
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    Main features:
  • Automatically record incoming and outgoing telephone conversations(Using sound card).
  • Caller ID supported(Detects Caller ID using the same sound card).
  • DTMF key detection.
  • Automatic Gain Control(AGC).
  • MP3 format supported.
  • Remote access on recordings.
  • Record up to 32 telephone lines simultaneously in 1 computer.
  • Normal telephone line,IP phone,net meeting recording.
  • Long time recording.
  • Perfect hiding mode.
  • Better quality, lower cost.
  • Requirement: Pentium 133/32M Ram/sound card
  • System: WINDOWS 2000/2003/XP/NT/VISTA
  • Recording file: .WAV / .MP3
  • Recording length: Not limited
  • File size: 40MB/hour(PCM format)
    (Approx. 5MB/hour of MP3 format)
    Settings 1:(see figure 1)

It's very easy to make Phone spy working. first of all,please connect the telephone line to the sound card using the adapter(see detail),and then select the 'recording channel' corresponding to the jack of sound card in which the adapter is plugged.pick up the telephone,you should see voice wave in phone spy's wave area,meanwhile,for your delights,recording is working.

    More settings:(see figure 2)

This edition of Phone spy has many settings else,maybe you need to do further settings to let the software serving your needs.please see the instruction manual for detail.

    Caller ID:

Currently,there're two types of Caller ID format in the world--FSK and DTMF.there're two sub-format in FSK-- SDMF and MDMF.because of many advantages,FSK format is used in most countries.Phone spy uses an advanced arithmetic developed by our team detecting Caller ID now,Phone spy can detect FSK(SDMF & MDMF) signal reliably.Phone spy can also detect DTMF format Caller ID,but it's not so reliable than that of FSK format because of the disadvantages of the DTMF format itself.

    Searching on records:

There is a table called 'recording log' showing in Phone spy's main window listing the detail of all incoming and outgoing calls,there're fields like Caller ID,Receiver ID,conversation duration and remark in a can search and count the history records on almost all fields,and you can do many operations(play,edit,export,etc.) on records.

    Software registering:

Phone spy needs a registration code to register.

There're 2 ways for a customer to get his registration code:

1) By email or telephone,this is called "offline mode"--customers give us the machine code,we give customers registration code.

2) By serial number,this is called "online mode".

It needs different registration codes in different computers.but for some reasons,a customer maybe want to migrate Phone spy software to a 2nd or 3rd computer,we give each customer 3 chances free for new registration codes.

Note: The computer must be connected to internet to use the serial number for online registration.

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